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Sep. 20, 2021 - Q: If elected to City Council, in what two (2) committees would you have interest and/or background experience?


A: As a member of City Council, I would have the most interest in serving on the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Recreation Committee. While knocking doors, I have consistently heard from residents that they want a city council member who will promote sustainable growth in the city, and I believe serving on the Planning and Zoning Committee will give me the best opportunity to address this topic. By working closely with other members on this committee and on council at-large, we can assure that the Land Use Plan reflects the wants and needs of Perrysburg residents. In addition, residents enjoy the parks and outdoor green spaces offered in Perrysburg and serving on the Recreation committee will allow me to preserve these spaces. Multi-use paths and inclusive play spaces are just a couple of the recent proposals that continue to enhance the outdoor accessibility of Perrysburg.


Q: Do you believe that racial and cultural prejudices exist in our town? What, if anything, should the City Council do to promote a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community for all citizens?


A: Yes, racial and cultural prejudices exist - not just in Perrysburg, but in every community. Each of us have differences. However, we have a responsibility to create a safe community for all.  The City Council should support programs focused on continued education of diverse ideas and varied experiences. Participating in these educational opportunities will provide residents with a deeper understanding of what makes Perrysburg so vibrant. Our goal as a City Council should be to foster a community where each person can belong. When incidents of racial or cultural conflict have happened, Perrysburg residents have come together. However, we can recognize this progress and also recognize that there is still work to be done. I believe these actions and programs will make a difference in our collective effort to build a welcoming City for current residents and the future citizens of Perrysburg. 


Q: What is the biggest challenge facing Perrysburg over the next four years? How will you address it?


A: Perrysburg’s biggest challenge may also be its biggest opportunity, and I believe this issue is the growth of the city. As I mentioned in my answer to question one, residents have consistently told me that they want a city council member who will promote sustainable growth. To address this, I will work with city council members to balance outward growth with the maintenance and enhancement of the infrastructure currently in our city. Residents want to know that their sidewalks will be maintained, that their roads will be well paved and that the services offered by the City will be easily accessible and I understand the concern that these goals may be more difficult to achieve if the city grows too quickly. I believe that by focusing on these details that have made Perrysburg a great place to live, we can turn the growth that does happen in the City into an opportunity.


Q: Are you in favor of budgeting for refuse collection in future years to be paid out of the General Fund rather than a tax levy? Why or why not?

A: This is a proposal that I would not be in favor of because budgeting for refuse collection through a tax levy allows flexibility for the City and accountability of the City for residents. Additionally, this is a levy that has been overwhelmingly supported by voters in recent elections. By budgeting through a tax levy, the city can guarantee that they will have the funding necessary to perform important services. Also, through this process residents can vote on the services that they believe most closely align with their needs and reject proposals that they see as unnecessary. As a City Council member, I will be committed to listening to residents and determining the services that are important to them. When choosing how to fund these services, I will do the work to communicate options that are cost effective and reflect the quality we strive for.

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