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Oct. 3, 2021 - I want to thank the League of Women Voters for hosting this event today. This has been a wonderful opportunity to tell residents, voters and additional members of our community a little bit more about us.

Although I have greatly enjoyed talking to so many of you over the past several months, I recognize that the job of a city councilperson is to listen to you. And that is what I promise to do.

To prepare for this I have knocked on thousands of your doors to better understand what is important to you. I hope that my answers to your questions have given you an understanding of why I am running for city Council and what I plan to do as your city councilperson. I also hope that you’ll engage with me by visiting my website, my Facebook page or even by reaching out to me on my cell phone, (440) 749-2332.

As your city councilperson I will continue to be this available to our community. I have always been intentionally involved here and I will continue to do this as well.

I will not work off of the idea that Perrysburg must continue to be exactly what it has always been. I will seek out opportunities for progress in our community and I will do this while honoring and respecting our storied history.

Because of that I will not be singularly focused on a future that represents the interests of a few but I will instead work with all members of our community to build the Perrysburg we want to leave behind for future generations.

In a previous debate with the Chamber of Commerce, I said something very similar to this and stated that I was not only asking for the votes of those present but asking them to work with me to accomplish these goals.

The relationships I have built following that day make me even more excited to serve as your city Council person and I am hopeful that great relationships will be built following this event.

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